Pluralsight Skill Evaluation and Mentoring

December 12, 2017

As I began to relaunch my website, I looked back at a few of the old training articles I had written and wondered if I should start developing more extensive training programs.

Udemy and Lynda were both sites that I have used in the past and thought delivered outstanding training, but Pluralsight was the one that stood out as creating an innovative platform for both authors and students.

Skill Evaluation

Since I was spending time investigating Pluralsight, I thought it would be interesting to take some of their skills evaluations and see where I placed. These are my results:

Skill Percentile
JavaScript 99th %
HTML5 99th %
CSS 89th %
Java 86th %

My full Pluralsight profile and results can be found here.


One of the reasons I chose Pluralsight as the platform to deliver training, is the ability to provide on demand mentorship through HackHands. I have been accepted as a mentor and can be requested directly from my mentor profile page.

If you need any help in the skills listed in my profile, especially JavaScript and Java, please consider requesting my services as a mentor.

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