I am a senior full stack developer and architect with nearly 25 years experience in a variety of industries. For the past 15 years my primary focus has been JavaScript on the front end and NodeJS and Java on the back end.

I'm excited to take that experience and help grow a team of high quality engineers to deliver amazing experiences for those that use our products every day.


JavaScript, React, Apollo, GraphQL, NextJS, Redux, NodeJS, Webpack, Babel, Docker, Java, HTML, CSS, SASS


Swift, MySQL, GatsbyJS, Azure, Azure DevOps, AWS, Google Cloud Engine, Bamboo, Maven, BitBucket, Git, Adobe Photoshop, IntelliJ IDEA, Atom, REST, HTTP, Apache POI, AGRest, Bootique, Jira, Confluence, Windows, MacOS, Linux


Swift, MySQL, GatsbyJS, Azure, Azure DevOps, AWS, Google Cloud Engine, Bamboo, Maven, BitBucket, Git, Adobe Photoshop, IntelliJ IDEA, Atom, REST, HTTP, Apache POI, AGRest, Bootique, Jira, Confluence, Windows, MacOS, Linux

Professional Experience

Walmart Labs (

Hoboken, NJ


Senior Systems Engineer II / Architect

  • Lead experimental performance focused rearchitecture of Jet product page, cutting "first paint" time in half, and "time to interactive" by over 80%, resulting in one of (if not the) fastest product pages for any major e-commerce site(React, Apollo, GraphQL, NextJS, NodeJS, SASS)
  • Helped architect specialized experiences for different "departments" and brands such as Apple and Nike(React, Redux, Styled Components)
  • Added full W3C Accessibility functionality for global site navigation(React, JavaScript, HTML)
  • Migrated significant portions of site from legacy CMS to new Walmart CMS(React, Redux)
  • Helped migrate entire site from Jade template based framework to a React/Redux application(React, Redux, NextJS, NodeJS, Styled Components)
  • Worked to ensure full PCI Security Standards Compliance.(React, Redux, NextJS)

National Hockey League

New York, NY


Senior Developer (Consultant)

  • Developed custom UI framework that provided a foundation for new applications, including components, theming and a universal API(ExtJS, Java, MySQL, AGRest, SASS)
  • Developed build tools in order to manage our homegrown package repository, including build, deploying, version bumping and tagging(NodeJS, Sencha CMD, npm, git)
  • Developed suite of fully responsive applications to manage officials, including scheduling, calendars, reporting, contacts, injury reporting, and several others.(ExtJS, Java, MySQL, AGRest, Bootique, ES2017)
  • Customized officials suite for over a dozen different user roles from HR to Finance to Officials.(ExtJS, Java, MySQL)
  • Developed mobile application allowing general managers to make roster changes from their phones.(Sencha Touch, Java)
  • Developed application to manage and report on all league marketing spending.(ExtJS, Java, MySQL)
  • Consulted on introduction of CI/CD tools including source management, security auditing, and build and deploy pipelines.(Bitbucket, Bamboo, Nexus Repository Manager)

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

New York, NY


Senior Developer (Consultant)

  • Developed reporting systems for high net worth clients, included components to allow advisers to visit with clients and interact directly with reports, research, and account information on tablets or laptops(ExtJS)
  • Modernized and redesigned project structure to encourage better decoupling of components, provide better scalability, and make it easier to maintain and enhance(ExtJS, Sencha CMD)
  • Worked with team developing REST API to standardize on a custom protocol to work well with our UI framework(ExtJS, JavaScript, Java)

National Hockey League

New York, NY


Senior Developer / Architect (Consultant)

  • Designed and managed the development of league intranet, consolidating all applications in a single, consistent interface.(ExtJS, Sencha Touch, Lotus Notes and Domino, MySQL)
  • Developed authentication and user administration system using a combination of Domino Directory, Microsoft Active Directory and MySQL to provide league employees, team employees and external partners with a single sign in for both new and legacy applications(ExtJS, Lotus Domino Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, MySQL)
  • Managed migration of several applications from Lotus Notes to new ExtJS/Java environment, including Media Game Notes, Amateur Scouting, HR Systems, Team Finance and Analytics, Brand Asset Management and various other applications(ExtJS, Java, iText)
  • Developed framework to automatically generate grids and stores from Lotus Notes views, enabling the league to quickly deliver web based front ends to legacy Lotus Notes applications(ExtJS, Lotus Notes and Domino, Longana)
  • Developed framework to automatically generate front end data store and model definitions based on ORM data(ExtJS, Java, Hibernate, JSP, MySQL)
  • Developed API including support for filtering, sorting, paging and all other options required by front end data store functionality(ExtJS, Java, AgRest, Jersey, Cayenne)

Globecon Group

New York, NY


Senior Developer / Tech Team Lead

  • Lead team of four in development of a financial learning management system(Lotus Notes and Domino, LotusScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Designed advanced menu system customized for the training needs for each client(Lotus Notes and Domino, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Designed and developed system to automatically generate nightly reports for each client.(Lotus Notes and Domino, COM/VBA, Excel)
  • NT and Domino administration for approximately 15 partitioned domino servers(Windows NT, Lotus Domino)
  • Administered network including DNS, Firewall and user management(Unix)
  • Responsible for developing all internal applications(Lotus Notes and Domino, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

JPMorgan Chase

New York, NY


Developer (Consultant)

  • Designed and developed the web based intranet for the derivatives group(Lotus Notes and Domino, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Designed and developed web based front end for the base metals trading group in coordination with the middleware and back end development teams.(Lotus Notes and Domino, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Designed and developed system for senior management to submit, discuss, review and approve new financial products(Lotus Notes and Domino)
  • Maintained approximately 35 operational applications for the wholesale bank.(Lotus Notes and Domino)

Broadview Associates

Fort Lee, NY


Senior Developer, Administrator, Team Lead

  • Maintained various applications used to collect and analyze data on thousands of telecommunications, media and internet companies to assist in advising clients and structuring mergers and acquisitions(Lotus Notes)
  • Created process to automate presentation generation for M&A proposals(Lotus Notes, COM/VBA, PowerPoint)
  • Implemented a new, independent domain for a new venture capital group and migrated all users and applications to the new environment(Lotus Domino)
  • Supervised a junior developer and junior administrator(Lotus Notes and Domino)


Fort Lee, NY


Developer, Administrator

  • Developed a flexible web based intranet for the North American Marketing group(Lotus Notes and Domino, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • Developed back office inventory system(Lotus Notes)
  • Trained end users on the use of Lotus Notes as we introduced it for mail, calendaring and applications(Lotus Notes)
  • Developed and maintaining internal applications for 4,000 users in North America(Lotus Notes)
  • Implemented mail, calendaring at a new joint venture between Bestfoods and Betty Crocker(Lotus Domino)

Prudential HealthCare

Roseland, NJ


QA Systems Analyst, Developer

  • Worked with Oracle, Netscape, Sun Microsystems and a team of four analysts in development of the healthcare insurance industry‚Äôs first web based benefits management system(Java, HTML)
  • Worked closely with clients such as Cincinnati Bell, Johnson and Johnson, and PSE&G to analyze methods for integrating our platform with their internal systems
  • Developed reports detailing production and quality of 48 claims offices throughout the United States(Microsoft Access)
  • Performed analysis to assist in consolidation of offices to 4 regional centers(Microsoft Access)
  • Worked as a liaison between business units and programming staff to specify changes and enhancements to various systems
  • Developed test plans and performed quality assurance for those changes