Bob Obringer


I'm a web product engineer with over 25 years of experience crafting sophisticated web applications. My expertise lies in front-end development, but I'm well-versed throughout the stack.

I've witnessed the evolution of the web firsthand, from the early days, when HTML, CSS, and JavaScript formed the foundation, to the emergence of powerful new technologies like TypeScript, NextJS, Tailwind, and LLMs.

By staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving technological landscape, I find joy in building user interfaces that seamlessly blend form and function, creating engaging and captivating experiences.

As a startup veteran, I'm excited to combine my passion for entrepreneurial innovation with my growing interest in AI. I'm eager to leverage my skills and experience to build cutting-edge products that push the boundaries of what's possible.


TypeScript, JavaScript, Java


NextJS, React, React Server Components


Node.js, Cloudflare Workers


React Query, Zod, Jotai


Vercel AI, OpenAI, Anthropic


MySQL, Postgres, DrizzleORM, Redis

Styling / Components

Tailwind, React Aria, RadixUI, Storybook, Figma

DevOps / Infra

TurboRepo, Vercel


Ponder, Privy, Ethereum, viem, Ethers.js

Testing / Quality

Jest, Playwright

Additional skills available under each company and in the chatbot