Bob Obringer


Prudential HealthCare

Systems Analyst, Developer, Health Claims Processor

  • As a teenager, spent three years processing health and dental insurance claims before moving to engineering to work on the claims systems
  • Worked as a liaison between business units and programming staff to specify changes and enhancements to the claims systems
  • Developed test plans and performed quality assurance for those changes
  • Developed reports detailing production and quality of 48 claims offices throughout the United States, used to assist in analysis during consolidation of offices to 4 regional centers
  • Worked with Oracle, Netscape, Sun Microsystems and a team of four analysts in development of the healthcare insurance industry’s first web based benefits management system
  • Worked closely with clients such as Cincinnati Bell, Johnson and Johnson, and PSE&G to analyze methods for integrating our platform with their internal systems


Visual Basic


Microsoft Access

Testing / Quality

Quality Assurance

Other Skills

Data Entry, Systems Analysis


Health Insurance



Employee From

1991 to 1998